Membership has it’s benefits!

  • M.A.B. is a basic resource of information, keeping members informed on key issues, requirements, & information through timely alerts and bulletins. M.A.B. finds answers!
  • M.A.B. / L.A.B. Annual Convention Learn about broadcast and digital opportunities from industry leaders. See the latest in technology
    from our convention sponsors.
  • M.A.B. represents Mississippi radio and broadcast TV interests in Jackson and Washington D.C.
  • M.A.B. members pay a small fee for the A.B.I.P. inspection program. This replaces surprise F.C.C. inspections.
  • M.A.B.’s website,, provides information for members and a database for advertisers and businesses, allowing them to find YOU, PLUS online job listing!
  • M.A.B. is a vital resource for broadcasters with a commitment to help their members grow revenue! Priceless!

2nd & 3rd Generation M.A.B. Members