Online is an important part of doing business these days.  This is one area where small market radio stations have been falling behind due to heavy costs and or difficult maintenance.  Seeing a need for this, The Mississippi Association of Broadcasters has partnered with Skyrocket Radio, LLC to offer affordable but feature-rich website products to our members.

This benefit enables member stations to have the online tools needed to stand out in their communities and generate digital revenue.  Here are just a few tools that are provided…


Your online platform must give you a return on your investment. So there is a powerful but easy to use banner ads management system directly within the website admin area.

Set unlimited ad block positions and show unlimited ads. Show ads individually in each location or fit more ads into each location and draw interest by rotating them within a banner ad slider.

Advanced page/post targeting is included. Offer page takeover sponsorships to clients, like the morning show page or weather page.


What’s going on in your market this weekend? This month? The events management tool allows your station to become the hub for your town’s events.

Create and list events by category. The included social sharing features allow site visitors to share your event pages.

Included widgets allow events to appear on multiple pages with links for more information.


You hold contests on-air. Why not host them online as well? Online contests can hold a bigger value to certain clients because their name and links back to their website are displayed for a longer period of time.

The contest management tool allows for unlimited contests.  Site visitors can register for a contest once per day with a simple name and e-mail address. All contests have start and end dates and the registrant data can be exported after each contest has ended.


Here’s one feature that larger markets do not have.  In smaller markets it’s more common for local businesses to not have a website. This won’t inhibit your station from selling them a banner ad schedule.

Your station can offer a custom business landing pages within your station site that promotes the client. The custom client page can include the client logo, coupon, video, etc. Forms can be also included to send information directly to the client.

All landing pages can be fully customized to match the client’s branding.


Whether your station has a full staff or is fully automated, let listeners know more about your personalities. A jock blog is the best way for a personality to connect with their audience and continue the conversation after the show.

Each personality has the option of showing a blog page or a full bio page. If you only have a local morning show, they can blog about things that pertain to the morning show while the rest of the voice-tracked personality pages only show bio information.

Skyrocket Radio also takes care of the website hosting.  The normal monthly price for this service is $125.  However, MAB Members get the same service for just $75/month.

This fee includes website license, hosting, daily content backup, online training and up to 30 minutes of on-call help each month.  Maintenance is very easy.

Skyrocket Radio will even populate your initial site and create 10 client banners ads.  To start increasing digital revenue, the member station only has to create fresh content on a consistent basis, promote it and sell it.

Member Stations Currently Using this Benefit (Kosciusko, MS) (Choctaw, MS) (Lucedale, MS) (Yazoo City, MS) (Columbia, MS) (Hattiesburg, MS) (Jackson, MS) (Greenwood, MS) (Greenville, MS) (Cleveland, MS) (Greenville, MS) (Greenville, MS) (Greenville, MS) (Greenville, MS)